Championship Robot Match Video Submission

Teams are required to provide 3 Robot Game Videos by
1pm on Friday, March 5th.

Please refer to the instructions provided in the FIRST robot-game-video-recording-doc_UpdateFeb2021 for producing your videos. You may NOT use videos from your January tournament for your official 3 Championship Robot Game Videos.

To share your videos, please upload them to the platform of your choice and provide links by completing the online form below. Any platform where you can post your videos and make them accessible to the referees is good. A shared school Google folder works, but an easy alternative is to upload your videos to YouTube using a designation of RESTRICTED (instructions provided here – Making it restricted means that the only way someone can find your video is if they have the link. It is not searchable, so it is not public.

Questions may be addressed to Annette Oertling, co-FLL Partner.